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If you prefer to leave the website design to me, that’s fine. My preference is to use one of the website builders discussed on this site, but there are other options. This page shows some examples of my websites designed using a variety of platforms.

Site Design

Site design
Site design
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Let me manage your project

Hiring a web designer is a more expensive option than Free Advice or a Helping Hand, but doesn't have to break the bank. I work with trusted platforms which provide hosting packages to suit most budgetary needs.

Give me an idea of what you want, show me examples of websites you like, and I'll create a design for you. Once the project is up and running, you can amend the content or leave it to me. Check out some of my work below.


Website for a local artist. Another product of the Hostinger Website Builder, which is user-friendly and allows collaboration between website owner and creator.

Kith and Kin Art websiteKith and Kin Art website


Website for an integrative counsellor and coach. In case you were wondering, it was designed on the ubiquitous Hostinger Website Builder (but I do use other platforms).

Better To You websiteBetter To You website

Property Maintenance

Website for a local business operating gutter-clearing services. Another Hostinger Website Builder site. I also provided flyers and business cards designed in Canva.

High Peak Gutter Vac websiteHigh Peak Gutter Vac website

Equine Practitioner

A gift from my sister and her friends for their trusted equine practitioner. Built with Hostinger Website Builder, which is becoming my go-to for new websites.

Lou Brown Equine websiteLou Brown Equine website

Street and Travel Photographer

A collaborative effort with a travel and street photographer who wanted to upgrade his website to include online sales. Squarespace is favoured by artists, collaboration is easy, and e-commerce works well.

Peter Aitchison websitePeter Aitchison website

Artist and Writer

Online shop designed for a local artist to display and sell his artwork and books. Created with the excellent and very reasonably priced Hostinger Website Builder.

Rod Thackray websiteRod Thackray website

Online Data Services

Start-up company providing market data and analysis to the food industry. Squarespace has the flexibility to allow the website to evolve along with the business.

DatumLocus websiteDatumLocus website

Artist and Designer

Showcasing a local artist using the free, but capable, Google Sites (New). Not as flexible as some site builders, but does the job and integrates with other Google services.

HMBI websiteHMBI website

Fabric Shop and Seamstress

Redesign of a Wix e-commerce website started on the classical editor and finished on Editor X. Shopify was considered as an option, but the Wix integrations seemed better.

Rubies Rags websiteRubies Rags website

Joinery Workshop

New website to replace an old workhorse previously hosted by one of the telecom companies. Squarespace templates appealed to the customer, in particular those using earthy colours.

Claphams Joinery websiteClaphams Joinery website

Building Services

Revamp of website to emulate the Squarespace design above. The old site was modified in desktop software Pinegrow Web Editor and re-uploaded to its host (tsoHost - note: site has no SSL certificate).

Claphams Builders websiteClaphams Builders website

Art Gallery

Redesign of website to reflect business expansion. Formerly a Squarespace site, it has been partially recreated on Hostinger Website Builder.

Gallery 23 websiteGallery 23 website

Music and Videos

Simple website containing links to a band’s gigs, photos and videos. Designed with Pinegrow Web Editor and later recreated on Hostinger Website Builder.

Take This websiteTake This website

Websites, Consultancy, Music

First designed on Zyro (Hostinger), recreated on IONOS and then Wix, redesigned on Google Sites before being replicated on Pinegrow and hosted by Hostinger (where it all began).

Trevor Smith websiteTrevor Smith website